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No upload and slow (<6kbs) download?


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I am having great difficulty getting utorrent to work properly.

Download speeds for a variety of different torrents (different trackers) are very poor. But utorrent reports "network ok".

I can not upload ANY data ar all!

90 % of the downloaded data (again from a variety of torrents) fails the hash check and is discarded.

The setup is;

Utorrent 1.2

Windows XP sp1 (windows firewall disabled)

1 Meg Broadband

Linksys modem router (firewall disabled)

Incoming Port 49160

?? outgoing port (I cant find how to set / change this).

Global max upload and download - unlimited

UPNP enabled

Max connections 200

Max peers per torrent 50

Scraping and DHT enabled

Seeding priority setting as default.

The same port / router setting work fine with Azureus and turbo torrent but neither of these will open the torrent I wish to download because it cintains a large no of individual filea and therefore generates an "errno 24 (too many files open)"

Please can anyone help ( with either problem).


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