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uTorrent not recognising open ports via BT Home Hub - HELP - PLEASE??


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I am relatively new to all of this uTorrent stuff so please bear with me.

I implemented uTorrent a few weeks ago, everything was fine. I followed all of the instructions step-by-step managing to battle my way through the port forwarding stuff, and gave the relevant permission to Norton Firewall - We had lift off!

After a few downloads I click the 'test port forwarding' option via uTorrent and it keeps saying 'Error' Port **** does not seem to be open??

I am tried to use a variety of ports - close/open - re-start my Hub - re-start the laptop - re-install uTorrent - but no luck?!

Prior to offering advice bear in mind I am quite a novice at all of this!!

I look forward to your advice in anticipation :0)

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