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Fixed utorrent problem


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After much searching on line I was able to find out the problem that I was having and that everyone seem to have the same thing with the DHT problems. I am posting it here. I have always had utorrent ports forwarded on my system but as of last week I had not connection to the dht since utorrent update. Here is a little trick and it turned everything green and I am happy now.

Just do the following and you all should be happy.

Go to Start > Run > Enter "services.msc" > OK. In Services Double Click and "Disable" "Universal Plug and Play Device Host"

Select the log on you will see some funny letters and passwords filled in. Switch it to local system click ok and restart your torrent client and you will be up and running.


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The network light I was always getting a red or a yellow light but never green this only happened this week. I have been using utorrent for at least two years now and I never had a problem. I went in to the services and I checked to make sure that the upnp was right and it was wrong. It does have an effect for utorrent. Some how it causes utorrent and other torrent clients to shut down. I disabled mine and I went in and whipped out all of the log in information. Which is odd because I never had that turned on.

I hope that helps.


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