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Not moving completed downloads, folder problems


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Can anyone advise.

After a recent format I re-installed utorrent & my layout is that the utorrent.exe file is run from c:\File Sharing & loads on XP start up.

Within utorrent preferences - downloads. New downloads go into c:\Downloaded Music\temp.

Move completed downloads is checked & goes to c:\Downloaded Music

However my problem is that

1. Completed torrents are not moving from downloaded music\temp to downloaded music...

Example. 8 hrs ago I downloaded 3 torrents, one of the torrents was moved to downloaded music when it completed, the other two remained in the downloaded music\temp folder? Why would one move but the other two wouldn't?

2. torrents are not being given correct names.

I.E. Of these 3 torrents I downloaded 2 of them were audio books & didn't appear in a folder but just appeared as audio 1.mp3, audio 2.mp3 etc & stayed in the downloaded music\temp folder when completed.

When I downloaded a DVD the other day it was given a folder called Video TS & then when I went to download another DVD it was also given the same Video TS folder & thus the two folders merged & the download became corrupt.

I know it wasn't the original downloaded files fault as I then tried the download using GetRight & this correctly gave each DVD a folder with the related file names.

I have tried checking & un-checking

"Only move from the default download directory" & "Append the torrents label to the directory name" but neither of these have made any difference. By the way what do these 2 actually mean & do?

Anyone got any idea what is going wrong here? Thanks.

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