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Ports and SBS-2003 and IP-COP


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Can someone hopefully advise me on setting up port forwarding with this set-up.

Whateve I have tried, I still get error when testign port forwarding.

SBS-2003 Standard. Router used is IP-COP. [2 LAN connections]

Client is XP-SP2

No general problems on internet connectivitiy, but unable to connet on uTorrent.

XP-Firewall set to allow uTorrent progamme and aslo port 13942 exceptions added.

RRAS on SBS also added same port on Services adn Ports.

I also addded the port forwarding on IP-COP.

Internet explorer connects without having to enter any proxy setings, as SBS controls the connection via 2nd LAN connection to Server.

Any help would be welcomed.

Thank you


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