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Slow dwn speed, no idea why


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First: sorry for my english, it isn't perfect, still learning it, however ;) But I think you will understand my idea easly.

I have radio connection to internet which provides me with speed about 55kB/17kB of dwn/upl. WinXP Home, Win Firewall disabled. I have forwarded port, so connection is "green".

I've set uTorrent to xx/192 kbps speed, which describe my connection quite well.

Still, I cannot get dwn speed more then 11 kB/s... have no idea why. There are seeds, I'm uploading normally (about 15-16kB), but dwn is soooo slooow ;) I've tried much, nothin' worked, speed is still limited.

Will be greatfull if smn will help me.

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