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Our revenge on Rogers


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Hello all!

For all those that are pissed off at Rogers.

I have been with Rogers since May 2006, when I realized their bandwidth measurement tool wasn't working until February. I thought this was a bad thing that their software wasn't working, but in February they pissed me off when they fixed it. They fixed it, and then they screwed with P2P services. My friend thought he would not get affected, but shortly after, he did.

I went to a Rogers's customer service. He thought I was a complete idiot. He told me they were capping torrents to protect and help their customers from reaching the monthly bandwidth limit. There are no companies (besides non-profit organizations) that whish to NOT earn extra money. The more we download past the bandwidth, the more we pay and the more Rogers can rake in the cash.

For months, me and my friend download and upload as much as we can from random servers simply because we are pissed at Rogers, even if we know it won't do much of a difference. Then I thought, maybe we could all download one day at the same time, maybe that would do something.

I have been thinking of doing this for quite awhile now. What I am planning is a little attack on their service and this is how I am thinking of doing this:

On July 1rst, we will ALL download or upload as much as we can as an entire group of people. This will make it contributive, and maybe they might hopefully notice it. I am just doing this for fun, but let's see if it makes speeds go lower for everyone. What I will download several times that day is the Microsoft SDK:


Hopefully we can piss off Microsoft too :).

We need you! Please share this message to everybody you know that is using Rogers.

Anybody in?

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*coughconspiracycough* if you are going to plan an attack like thiswhy not use rogers voip port so you don't get throttled, cause if you did they surely wouldn't take voip from theyre *beloved* users would they... you should make a website for this , and coordinate it better if you are going to do it, but it most likely wont make much difference.(btw dont make microsoft mad they arent the one raping your bandwith)

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