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HELP PLEASE!!! (port forwarding)


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Okay so if i use the UPnP Port Mapping then in the logger it says it doesn't work

so i try manual port forwarding

I've used the uTorrent set-up guide

I've used Portforward.com's Firewall and Port Forwarding guide. i also used there static IP guide (i needed my Static IP for the Port Forwarding guide)

My firewall is Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2007

and my router is a Motorola SBG900

I go to the Test if port is forwarding properly. button in utorrent


it reads "Error! Port 19570 does not appear to be open."

Can some one please tell me what i'm doing wrong

please help.

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OK. Hopefully this helps as I've nearly been pulling my hair out with the same problem. I've got the SBG900 Modem hooked up to a Netgear WGT624(which is a piece of crap) acting as a network switch.

Basically, I found through the net that the SBG900 seems to like it when you put a range of ports on the port forwarding page.

For Example, say you wanted Port 23500. When you type in the details of the port you want to open, you would put the following:

Port Start: 23499

Port End: 23501

Of course, you would fill in the other fields as normal and make sure the port is selected enabled in the checkbox.

I just caught onto this half an hour ago, but so far it seems to be working fantastically! I would also recommend completely disabling the Windows Firewall as you already have firewall protection on the modem itself!

I forgot to add that I would also turn off the Trend Micro Firewall and switch off anything to do with UpnP. UpnP tends to mess around with a hell of a lot of stuff and creates more problems than what it's worth.

Hope this helps you out! Have a Good One Mate!

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