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Opening Port-No Router


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I'm getting an error that my port is not open. All help info I can find requires knowing what kind of router you have. I use Current Boradband for my internet.

Here's a link to a help page from my isp regarding routers.


As you can see, My isp doesn't require a router. I have an ethernet cable that plugs into a modem that plugs into my electrical outlet.

Any advice? If it can't be done without a router, then just let me know. I'm not an expert on this stuff by far. Everything I've learned comes from these forums and such.


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The only security system that I am currently using is Windows Security. I've turned off the firewall for the time being to see how it works. Not sure if there's anything else to check.

This is what my modem says

Current communications by Asoka

Asoka PlugLink

Ethernet Wall Mount

Model PL9620-ETH

Then a long password

And something that says MAC address: 0013C1027F1B

Not sure what any of that means.


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