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Corrupt Downloads


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I hope that I'm in the right forum - apologies if I'm not.

I haven't use utorrent for a couple of weeks and everything WAS great then.

I tried it again 2 days ago and the download seemed to be fine (all good, 100% reports in Utorrent etc) but the downloads would not open.

I've tried 5 more times since (different filetypes) and they all seem to be downloading OK but the files themselves seem corrupt - winzips that won't open, MP3 that won't play etc

Any thoughts? I've changed nothing that I know of since the 'working' downloads.

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Thanks Ultima, I appreciate the reply

OK Tried that and one torrent went back to 99.9% (and now seems stuck) but the rest have stayed the same. The menu option to force a recheck again has now been greyed out.

All the file sizes seem OK and filetypes have been set but I can do nothing with the files themselves. Is it possible that I've got 10 corrupt downloads by chance? Never had one before, it's been brilliant. Using BT Business and a 27000HGV hub that has been fine.


Just managed to open 2 files so it's not faulty in every case. I'll try a few more.

BTW all torrents are showing as uploading OK

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Only the file(s) that aren't shown to be complete in the Files tab are affected after the recheck discards corrupt data. If it's finding corruption after it supposedly completes the torrent job, then there's a chance your RAM or other hardware are damaged.

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