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Am I getting all the speed I can?


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My speed test results from several different servers at different times average out to this: 4700 kbps down, 345 kbps up.

Status light: Green with a check mark.

Port fowarded: 59995

OS: XP Pro with latest updates.

Anti Virus: AVG Free Edition

Router: Linksys RTP 300

Modem: Motorola SB4100

ISP: RoadRunner Wisconsin

I used TCP Optimizer and set it to just under my max dl capacity.

I patched the TCPIP.sys to 50 using the file here: http://www.lvllord.de/

Global Max # connections: 230

Max # connected peers per torrent: 80

Max Upload slote per torrent: 4

Use additional upload slots if speed falls below 90% is checked.

Global Max upload rate: 35

Global Max Download Rate: 470

I'm showing on the current torrent I'm connected to 4 of 12 seeds. Why am I not connecting to all of them?

I'm showing connection to 22 of 74 peers. Why am I not connected to all of them?

Thanks in advance for any help/comments you may provide. Have a good one!

PS> My upload speed is set it's highest stable setting in the Bandwidth Allocation menu. :-)

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You probably shouldn't limit the download rate -- it's known to cause odd behavior overall with upload *and* download rates. Other than that, it looks like you've got things set up just about right. You don't connect to every peer because you can't force peers to connect to you. It's not even necessary (or necessarily better) to connect to more/all peers and seeds, so it doesn't really matter anyway.

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I think the particular torrent I'm on at the moment is poorly seeded. I have since entered "0" in the download rate. I've been working this torrent for 36 hours. I'm about halfway. It's just over 6 GB in size.

I'm averaging 32.8 KBps

Upload speeds are varying wildly from time to time. From 2 KBps to 15 which is what I have the bandwidth allocation set to for upload. But, over time, it's pretty stable.

BTW, thanks for the reply Ultima

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