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Auto Shutdown inbuilt to Scheduler?


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Wouldnt it be possible to add the possibility to eaither Scheduler a power off/reboot or add a simple timer for it?

I'm currently downloading a few items and one of them is going to be completed within one hour. However, I don't want to have my computer running allnight but still have the other torrents running for the duration since that single torrent alone isen't maxing my internet connection.

A) Make it possible to do this using the current Scheduler

B) Add a timer for how long you want to have utorrent running, sure this can be done with other software too but that's not the point (and ofc not safe).

C) Add an individual option for each torrent to shutdown/reboot the computer after it has reached its goal.

(Yes, I found an existing thread.... give me a break its 03.44AM :P)


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