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wont continue downloads after crash


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Hiya guys

my pc crashed yesterday after rebooting none of the torrents that were d/l would start again then after about 3 hrs, they just started on there own. then pc crashes again last night and mow nothing again been 4 hours back on its says there are seeds and peers but very poor ratio. the apparent poor ratio is not true as they were fine pre crash. its not just one or two torrents, im d/l 7 at the moment 5 are pre crash and stuck two are new ones that are d/l fine.

I have a green light and in logger it says cannot map upnp but previous posts say ignore that if i have a green light

any help folks

cheers matt


its now been 5 hours and one of the previously stuck torrents has come back online. its from the same site as the some of the others but they havnt come back

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