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Is it the Clipbook Viewer??


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My PC is quite a slug, so I've been disabling some Windows services.

Ever since my green icon in uTorrent never passed from yellow, and my speeds are a lot worse.

I think it's because I turned off Clipbook Viewer (???) but I can't enable it again, it shows an error.

I also disabled windows firewall while disabling services. I don't see what else could it be, since the other things have nothing to do with internet connections.

I'm using a router, and it was well configured, I port forwarded it and it was ok until now.



Ok, I already know what the problem is.

Somehow my router deleted my port forward config!!....

I remember it was quite a pain to enter the correct values, since I didn't have a static ip address, but somehow one day I got the values right. The problem is that I don't remember which values I've used!!

I'm using an Aolynk DR814Q, but the instructions on the guide aren't quite exact, since I got this thing to work entering other values.

I doubt you can help me on this, it's too unprecise right?

Guess I'm screwed with this again.

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