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Port forwarding under Vista

Story Weaver

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I'm now using Vista Business. I've never had any port forwarding problems before, so I think it's unlikely to be my router - rather, it seems more likely to be Vista.

Regardless of the port I choose, port tests fail. When I try and torrent, trackers register as offline timed out (every tracker I've tried), but the torrents manage to trickle in via DHT.

I'm fairly confused. Any ideas? I've obviously allowed uTorrent through the Windows Firewall.

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Just wondering if there was a solution found for this problem, I have a very similar problem with Vista Home Premium (32bit).

I've set a static ip, internet works. Forwarded the port to my D-link DI-524 accordingly (done this succesfully before). I then passed the same port through the vista firewall, and now have turned it off in hopes i had done something wrong.

With all these settings, U-torrent connects to a small number from the swarm, it displays a green check about 90% of the time, but the port check fails.. soooo i'm lost at this point, any suggestions?

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