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Port Forwarding Problem 2700HGV-2 Gateway


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Hello guys,

Need some help. I'm using 2wire 2700HGV-2 Gateway.

1. I have check "UPnP Port Mapping" in utorrent.

2. Random Port and use the number to edit the firewall.

3. Went to http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/2wire/2700HG-V2/Utorrent.htm

But now, whats the numbers that I should enter? Eg. Port (or Range):_____ to _______

Eg. Protocol Timeout ______

Thx ppl for help. Appreciated.

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Preferences > Connection in µTorrent. See the listening port? That's what you need. The thing after "to" and "Protocol timeout" you should just leave blank.

Disable UPnP and random port selection in Preferences > Connection while you're at it.

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