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Port open / closed


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I had just started using mtorrent and I checked if my port was forwarded properly, and YES! I was very pleased to see 600kbps downloads. But then I got several times a computer restart with blue screen.

After hours of internetsearches for a possible culprit I uninstalled NVidia NAM and reinstalled the drivers but not NAM this time.

But now my port is no longer forwarded and I get if I'm lucky 20 kbps downloads.

Now I read a lot about routers/portforwarding/static IP address but I don't understand why I am no longer forwarded. Is it NVidia NAM? Do I need that? But that app makes me reboot involuntarily all the time.

Additional problem is I live in Korea, but hell, don't speak the language. I have a modem (no router) Net&Sys MNG-2300 but all I get is Japanese or Korean sites.

Since I was properly forwarded just a few hours ago, can't I get it back somehow without router/modem portforwarding?

On a sidenote: what does this mean?

"located in %AppData%\uTorrent" in the FAQ

Where is %AppData%?!


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"Nvidia is for your graphics, so it has nothing to do with the portfowarding"

Eh, NVidia is for my networkcard. Nforce 4 I believe. NAM is Network A.... Management. It comes with a firewall which is giving a lot of people problems. (AMD 64 Processor Mobos with NVidia chipset) (I do have a NVidia graphics card but those 2 are unrelated)


But where can I find it on my hd?



Oh well, I surfed the forum a bit and found this:


"Rule for TCP/UDP protocol

Action = Allow

Protocol = TCP or UDP

Direction = In

Source IP = Any

Remote IP = your IP adress (or "Any" )

Source port = Any

Remote port = the port your bittorent program uses for the TCP/UDP connections

You must move the rules up, over the default rule "Block IP in". ( CPF "reads/applicates" the rules from the top to the bottom)"

And now I'm connected. Though I do feel a bit unsafe with all those "any". But I don't really understand all that.

BUT one question remains:


But where can I find it on my hd?

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