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Help with Speed upload issue


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I know this has been asked a million times but here it goes

my downloads in utorrent 1.6.1 are good max 1.2M/S and adv is 600KB/S

my upload speed i can only see a max of 40 to 50KB/S amounce 10 seeding torrents

i know my internet speed and handle more cause when i have my FTP Server on i can upload to other people at 117 KB/s

my ISP is 10/1.5 M

they use a allocoya that throttles upload torrents to 25 KB/S but when i turn on excryption i only get 40

speedtest.eastlink.ca shows === 10.67mbps and 950Kbps

speedtest.net shows ======= 8092Kbps and 833Kbps

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