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Illegal IP address


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Hi there, i've been trying to Port Forwarding without any success. I've used the utorrent options to do a speed test and then gone through all the other procedures. I.e. static IP address etc. What happens now is that when i put all the info in my router and press apply it tells me that the IP address i've used is illegal, i've tried using various address but the same.

I previously used utorrent before and went though the exact steps and everything was fine, then some A..Hole suggested using Bitlord as this was better but i had problems with this so came back to utorrent.

Please could you assist me in getting my speed to to i'ts max :D

I am currently on the internet but utorrent is not able to access anything.


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Hi there, thanks for replying so quickly. I went to the address you provided and found my IP range. I even changed DHCP to a lower as it used all the address. However, when i rebooted the router everything went back to the same????? :(

Okay done the process again logged out of the router and re-booted. We have a connection but i still have the yellow triangle??

If this problem persists could i call you?? :D Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese

Sorry, now i have a red circle! and i have just checked the router and its all gone back to the original settings.

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Hello, sorry it's taken so long to reply.

I'm using Netgear DG834GT.

Today i've re-inputed information but i haven't rebooted the router and i have a connection but with a red circle. I have also disconnected the wireless and connect straight through the cable. What i am finding is that i seem to have higher upload speed than download. I've tried limiting the upload and sometimes changing this back to maximum but still the same. if everybody else limits the upload slots shouldn't this effect my download speeds??? If so why is it recommended?:(

In the services box i've put Utor1 14828.

In the Firewall rules i've put: outbound - Utor 1, allow always, Lan users any....

Utor 1, allow always, Lan users to

Inbound - Utor 1, always allow, Lan server Ip

Utor 1, always allow, Lan server IP

Look forward to your response ;)

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