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Strange problems after crash


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I use µTorrent for 2 years or so and like it but have annoying problems after a crash (of the program, not of the comp in general).

All things go very slowly now even scrolling in the torrent list etc., I upgraded from 1.6. to 1.6.1 but it didn`t help.

The worst thing for me is that the percent or completion tab (or column) disappeared completely and I cannot get it back, scrolled right and left and up and down dozens of times but I just cannot find or recover it, many things I don`t need like Label and Added on etc. are still there but the percent column tab is away and it is the most important one for me because I often handle a lot of torrents, sometimes there are much more than 100 in the list and it`s essential for me to see which ones are at xxx% etc., it was between Size and Status here so far but it`s just away.

Since one cannot install or uninstall the program what can I do concerning this ? If this problem cannot be solved I have to quit using the program, very strange to me that it runs so badly now, I have to wait about 30 seconds or longer to scroll to the right or above etc., the program just seems to freeze mostly, never saw this in years, very annoying.

So what to do now ?

Aren`t there options to show only the tabs (or columns) one needs ? I wouldn`t have a problem to uncheck 5 or 6 which are shown and rather have the option to show the % column again instead.


Edit: The program has become totally unusable after the crash, just freezes most of the time, tells me at every start that the resume.dat has been recovered (but this doesn`t improve anything), every action like stopping a torrent or just clicking with the mouse to do anything in it makes the program wait for 40 or 50 seconds without a reaction, still no percent column even with another version on another disk and a lot more errors.

I never would have expected that it would act so crappily only because of one single crash, it`s extremely annoying, the developers should make a version which can be installed and uninstalled in a clean way to avoid such things see above, what`s the use of a program which just cannot used anymore only because it crashed one time ?

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