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Pieces-overlap question/problem


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Hey there. I've encountered a problem as I'm nowadays more often seeding only parts of torrents. I am aware of the fact that each torrent has a unique piece size and that those pieces commonly overlap files.

But what do I do if I want to seed a file where only a little part at the beginning or the end is missing because of such a piece overlap? The thing is: I don't want uTorrent to mess with my files and I don't want to download anything. Because if I do, then uTorrent will act ridiculous and use those downloaded x MB's for my ratio and stop seeding after 500% of this little amount was shared. And I'm quite happy with what my client is usually doing in this regard so I'm not inclined to change those limits.

The only solution to let uTorrent work more or less unattended is by not messing with my ratio, with my stop-conditions and by not even sharing that file in the first place. If there are several files I can easily skip the first and last as they're incomplete but that doesn't work with single files. Isn't there a way to share all complete pieces I've got available and not download anything new? Or maybe there is another way I haven't thought about. Any hints or clues to help with this problem are greatly appreciated.

On another note a similar problem I've had from time to time: there are two torrent files which have the exact same content, both contents have the exact same filesize and matching file-hashes (tested in form of a sfv file). Their only difference is the creation of the torrent-file, in some of those cases a different piece size is used as well. Why am I missing a piece on the first torrent but not on the second?

Thanks, Bettina

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