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File Detection


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Hey people

Have searched forums, but couldn't find this one yet.

I have a hard drive that I switch out (sometimes) when I go to sleep, since my computer is switched of (sometimes) then too.

When I load Utorrent starts up before the hard drive is loaded by windows (on or off) the files are not found by Utorrent.

Until their thats all correct.

But then when my Hard Disk is active again, I would like Utorrent to pick it up... f.e. it could do a check on the file location once in the x minutes, (would be nice if its possible to set this time), and then continue the download/seed.

Same if the power fall out of my HD, with all kinds of reasons, it doesn't go on when its back active

On this way the automatic defragmentation could be off line on this disk to get optimal speeds of my Hard Drive.

Atm I defragment every night online.


Jasper van Weerd

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