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Divx icon keeps appearing in system tray


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I keep getting the divx icon appearing in my system tray for a few seconds at a time and the only thing that I can think of that is causing it is utorrent because I sometimes see something that I am downloading highlighted briefly. Does anyone know why this is happening, it isn't causing any problems but I would just like to know if anyone else has had this.

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Good day,

Actually it happens to me when I'm cataloging or when files are scanned to extract some embedded information. For instance, when the WhereIsIt scans my avi files, I do see the DivX icon showing up briefly on the taskbar.

My belief would be that you have one of those indexing program running in the background which is somehow set to search more deeply in the files for information.

For instance, some indexing/cataloging program will extract details about jpeg files such as the EXIF data and alike. So instead of having to re-invent the wheel, the indexing programs will perform a call to a function in the DivX library which will then return the necessary details when dealing with files these clip files. During that short moment, the DivX icon will showup.

Honestly, I do not recall seeing the DivX icon on the taskbar by while I had the indexing feature activated, but since I do see it when I run WhereIsIt to scan some of my CD/DVD disks, I'd be lead to believe there is something similar happening with those indexing program.

To my knowledge there is the indexing service in WinXP, plus the Desktop Search Engine that M$ can up for Vista which has an equivalency for XP, there is also the full text indexing with SQL Server 2005, only to name these. Perhaps some toolbars are performing some sort of indexing as well, who knows. There are so many of them on the internet, and only God knows what they actually do in the background. Let's face the facts, if there are some many free toolbars available theseadays, there must be a reason for it. People privacies aren't always respected to their fullest, at least I've read some articles on the subject.

Globally, I don't think this is a harmful situation, as long as you determine clearly which process is actually calling DivX to pull the information. If this is one of the applications you're trusting, then you're in business, otherwise appropriate actions will need to be initiated.

Since the icon shows up very shortly, obviously the task isn't up for long, so it is a tad difficult to determine who's calling whom. Just pay a close attention to the application you're running while this is happening, this will give you a good starting point.

Have a good day.

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