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Hi everyone!

I'm having a problem with people connecting to my computer when seeding a file. I have done a natchek and everything is fine. I am using a windows firewall but having no problems connecting and seeding on another tracker. could be a possiblitity of muliple peers. What would cause this trouble??i'm uploading around 33 k/b on the file i'm d/l from ...but the file that i'm seeding (on another tracker) i'm getting 0.3-3kb/s(yes i did set this one as priority also. I've done upload tests and i have an ample upload speed (649 kb/s) with a 3 meg down(cable). I've even tried mulitple clients and still the same results? Am i to believe its possibly a connection problem to the tracker or is it something in my setting??

thanks( while banging my head on the keyboard..)


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