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Cant forward my port and get that good speed


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Whats up people,

Here is my dilema;

I have been trying for two nights to forward my ports with no luck

I am running:

Vista business edition 32bit

I got a linksys Wrt54G ver 4 firmware

Zone Alarm version 7.1

U torent 1.7

Now I am getting connection but sometimes its quick (like 50 to as much as 300) but most of the time it is a lot less than that. I have tried portforward.com until it drove me to drink.

1) I have created a static IP

2) I have transferred that info to my router along with the port from utorrent, it failed

3) I disabled the firewall on the router, it failed

4) I disabled ZA firewall, it failed

5) I unchecked the enable UPnP port mapping and the NAT-PMP, it failed

6) I tried creating definitions for the port in ZA, it failed

A little help please

Edit (Ultima): Numbering added

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Sorry I thought I put that in there I am using a Motorola surfboard SB120

As far as your static IP question, the portforward website asks for the IP address and default gateway of your set up, then it generates 5 static IP addresses to choose from. SO I dont know if it is outside the DHCP range. THe first 3 of the octet are the same so I am assuming it should still be on the same network but I might be wrong.

As for the firewall I used the instructions from port forward as well. Even if I did make a mistake configuring it, shouldn't it have worked when I totally shut down the firewall?

Thanks for responding so quickly by the way

Its even wierder today not I keep getting an error and access denied message

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