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Refreshing Utorrent


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I had not had issues with utorrent until lately. I believe its has to do with downloading torrents that are semi old and have a low combination of peers and seeder which may be the reason they are taking longer to download.

But here is my question. For the past couple of days my download and upload speed have varied from 0 to 10 kBps where i usually average 50 kbps. So i exit utorrent and start it right back up. Suddenly my torrent start downloading like crazy and my download speed goes to 110kBps while the upload maxes out at 35 kBps. I was under the impression that utorrent automatically would stay up to date on what peers where able to share with me. I really doubt that at the moment I decided to restart utorrent a bunch of seeders and peers logged on. I haven't set up port forwarding yet so could this be part of the problem? Has anyone experienced this? How do I get utorrent to stay on top of this so I dont have to worry about restarting it.

To be fair... I did restart utorrent yesterday and the speed stayed the same (0-10 kBps) but all of a sudden today its running super efficient. Comments?

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