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Upload OR Download Problem?


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I have a problem about my upload..or maybe it's a problem with the downloader's download ;)

I created a private torrent without tracker, added my buddies IP:Port into the peer list and soon he started to download. But even if my upload was set to 60kb/s(or unlimited, it didn't matter) he only was able to download with 30kb/s. After i created a VPN tunnel between the pc's and added both (VPN & ISP) IP adresses he was able to download with 30kb/s from each IP.

I thought it might be my mistake/pc problem, so i tried another PC with dedicated line, and he could also only download there with 30kb/s...

Downloader used µTorrent1700, and I tried 1600 and 1610 for Upload.

Can anyone give me a hint about this?


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