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Torrent Stuck


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Availability (now) 2.996

I am stuck at 99.6 with 128 hashfails

I suspect a poisoned torrent

I see that there were many 208.10.2x.x that were TOTALLY continuous....

I have blocked the ips from - -

Is that the way they should be saved in ipfilters.dat?

Poisoned torrent??? Its a concert Live.

I hope it can finish now after the ip filter.

Ideas thoughts? am i on the right path?

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You seem to have the ranges correct. Just paste into ipfilter.dat, and reload it in µTorrent (right-click the Peers list and reload). This is assuming you have 1.7 (which also has a new rangeblock banning feature where, if it detects IPs in clusters sending you bad pieces repeatedly, it'll ban the entire range).

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