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Weird connecting problem


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Hi I've been using BitTorrent for a long time (although not incredibly knowledgable I must say) And one day I just started having problems uploading.

For some reason I will upload a file to a site, and it will show that the file is green and seeding, but it's having difficulties connecting to all of my peers. Every minute or so it will connect to a couple of them and I will start seeding but then after about 15-20 seconds I will rapidly disconnect to everyone.

The only error I could find is under the logger it says UDP Port Blind() Failed

When I test my port everything is A-Ok

I will also note that I've been trying to fix this problem for over a week and it is still the same, so I don't know what my connection issues are.

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Their was 20 peers and me as the only seeder at the time, the tracker I uploaded my torrent on is private so usually I'm able to connect to most of them quite easily.

I've tried uploading a few different torrents to several different trackers and am still having this problem. While I have been uploading it just isn't as practical as it should be because my connections to peers keep getting disconnected.

I will look into your sig for details and see what I can do there, but it I've looked around everywhere and I haven't been able to find any info on what the problem might be.

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