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Sorry, if this has been posted on before or in the faq, but had a quick look and didnt see anything.

I have uTorrent running on a win2k box, midway thru some sizable d/loads. I've now knocked up a win2k3 box and ideally i want to switch them over. The torrents are going to a 2ndary disk, with the program installed/run from the c: primary drive.

is it possible to just pick up where you left off? I read the guide about migrating from another app but that looked a bit confusing.

Do i install the disk in the new pc under the same drive letter, copy the current EXE over and will it all magically pick up and continue where it left off, or is there more to it than that? any pointers of tips gratefully received!! best regards, -ukg.

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Install uTorrent fresh in the 2003 system. Start it once. Under Options, change the info under Downloads tab to match where you want the new stuff to be, Apply that. Then Close/Exit uTorrent (in both systems).

Then the important thing is the location where µT's own stuff is stored. In my case, that's in the folder:

c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\uTorrent\

make sure you move its entire content to the new place (except for the settings.dat if the new locations are different!)

W2000 and 2003 handle this the same way, so depending on the location of your boot-drive and your username (Administrator in the example), it's in the same place too.

Then mirror all the data to the folders you've entered in the (new) Downloads tab. Yes, including the unfinished downloads. (Or, in your case, move the HD, then change uT's new settings to match its location.)

Start µT on the 2003 system and things should continue as they were.

If not select all and do "Force Re-Check".

I've done this quite often. Sometimes 100% downloads end up at 99% in the new system, but that's not so bad and solves itself soon enough. The data is actually still 100%.

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wow, thanks for the quick response! that's brilliant! I had assumed that as long as i dont delete everything, with the app being on c: and the data on z:, that if i mirror that then i wont lose anything, if i dont overwrite or reinstall anything on the original box!

i didnt 'install' the exe, just put the exe in program files for safe keeping. had no idea about the app data folder, but like u say, i'm keeping the 2 boxes as identical as possible so i'll just make sure i do this 'run once to get it created', set up the downloads folder, then copy/paste the .dat files over, and try the force thing if needs be.

wouldnt have been too fussed to lose the few seeds i have, but to lose the partial downloads would have been very painful!!

i guess if for a weird reason someone had 2 pcs but had to switch one around now and then, and only one net connection, then they may well benefit from this as well, as it sounds a relatively quick way of keeping connected to the network local-machine-independent.

thanks again for the very quick response!! =) -ukg

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Actually, the location of the file "settings.dat" determines where uT stores its progress for torrent-files, and in many cases it's easier to just use one folder, like c:\ut\ where you put both utorrent.exe and all the *.dat files

and just move that entire folder around when you move systems often.

See also: http://www.utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_share_my_torrents_between_user_profiles.3F

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