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im new at this and dont know whats wrong


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i admit it, im really really bad at this. anyway,

I just downloaded utorrent about one hour ago so I can watch a movie that ive been dying to see.

problem is, its going massively slow.

Ive read some of the other threads about this, but truth is I had no clue what you were talking about :/

well. Over the past hour the download has gone from 0.0% to 0.8%

there was that little yellow triangle that I clicked and tried to change ports but it might as well have been in latin because my brain pretty much just died trying to figure it out.

-i have no clue what the port is supposed to be either.

my speed checker thing was 1418kb

OH GOODY! 0.9%

the range of the 'Down Speed' ranged in the beginning up to 4.3 but now it ranges as high as 1.7 and as low as 1.3

can anyone help me?! IM DESPERATE!!

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Need a little more information please?

Are you on wired or wireless?

If you connect through a router what kind?

No reason to throw more information at you until we can establish this?

Just some FYI- If you are downloading a movie or any other protected material you might want to make sure you are using peer guardian as a little added protection.

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