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Hey this is my first time on this forum so cut me some slack.

IM not sure what info to give so ill post whatever i think i need or what u ask for.

Modem is a 2wire2701HG-B and i think its also my router im not sure.

I am running and windows XP

I have a static IP (one that doesnt change)

The port that utorrent uses is forwarded

my download speeds on utorrent are at about 35kbs and upload is about 20kbs

I have AT&T dsl internet

Utorrent speed settings:

Upload limit: 17kbs Upload Slots:3

Connections:70 Connections(Global):130

Max Active Torrent:2 Max Active Downloads:1

Speed Test results from those webites:

(I just ran this test from a Chicago Server and i live in Madison WI)


I have windows XPs default firewall and i have made an exception for utorrent

And im downloading a game called Medieval Lords Build, Defend, Expand

And on my torrent for seeder its shows 5(9) and for leechers it shows 2(4)

Thanks in advance for any help i get.

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