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I'm having a problem with seeding


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I'm confused about seeding.

When I'm downloading something, I notice that utorrent is both downloading and uploading data. For example, I'm downloading something now and it says the download speed is 232KBs and the upload speed is 71KBs.

However, when I try to seed something that I already have on my hard drive (but I want to share it with others), the upload speed and download speed both stay on 0KBs, whatever I do. I cannot seem to get the files to upload for others.

I have a torrent at the moment and utorrent says seeds: 0, peers: 3(8).

Can someone tell me what the 3 & 8 mean?

I'm sure I must be the only one seeding the files as I uploaded the torrent (it's a private tracker). But nothing is being taken from my computer so I'm guessing 8 people want the files and can't be getting them?

Have I understood this right and is there a setting I need to change to allow me to seed?

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