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Port Fowarding Issue


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When tryin to download, the client works properly. I can have speeds up to 80kb/s... After awhile, It seems to slow and the file being downloaded produces a red arrow next to it, which means there is an issue with the tracker. I have looked this up in the FAQ.... ALso at the bottom of the screen next to the section D: 0.0 kB/s (total:000) there is a red exclamation which reads:

NOT CONNECTABLE: A firewall/router is limiting your network traffic. You need to open up a port so others can connect to you.

I therefore go to options click on preferences and then to connections... I makes sure selection of ENABLE UPnP PORT MAPPING is selected and I then run the test to make sure the port is ok.... and it takes me to a web page where it tells me the specific port is not open I go to port forward.com and follow their instructions to open the port. However when I get to the point where I enter the IP address it never takes me to the page of the Router I am using... it times out sayin we are not able to connect to that IP.... I am with Verizon and using a crapy router so...I dont know If I need to call them or what .....Can someone Help???? PLEASE....

UPDATE: Ok I have checked the firewall issue and it is determined to be a port mapping issue.... I enter my IP address as advised on PORT FORWARDING.com .... and nothin is happenin I am being timed out like it cant connect to the webpage. I have a connection... So what should I do??

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