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Port mapping problem


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whenever i map my my port, i follow all the instructions properly, but it still doesn't work. My working port that I managed to map a while ago suddenly stopped working, and now I can't map another one. What's causing this and what should I do?

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oh, ok

Ok, set it out of range..and it still doesn;t work.

What IP address shall I type into my routers 'add port' page? the one I type into the browser to open my router's page, or the IP address that I find when i go run>cmd>ipconfig (which is my static IP)?

Okay, thanks for all your help, I finally fixed it! yaaaay.

Thanks again.

Sorryyy, one more thing, I've forwarded the port and it's all working, but the icon at the bottom of utorrent is still red. Shall I restart my PC or something?

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