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fine tune TCP


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Hello ,

Currently , I'm using Utorrent 1.72.

I have notice windows vista includes an auto-tuning capability for TCP receive window size that is enabled by default.Every TCP connection can benefit in terms of increased throughput and decreased transfer times, but high-bandwidth, high-latency connections will benefit the most.

I have use it to download openoffice OOo_2.2.1_Win32Intel_install_wJRE_en-US

and the result i got :-

avg download speed=77.3kb/s, highest speed during download hit about 160kb/s

when I use windows xp sp2 , never reach such a speed.

I would like to know how to fine tune in vista such a feature will increase the download speed more.Something to do with Windows Vista TCP/IP stack ?

In windows xp sp2 it was limited.

my connections spec :-


connection speed 6Mbps.

torrent download speed about 30kb/s-40kb/s in XP sp2.

For vista , not try out yet only e.g shown above.

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