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yellow wont turn green :( tried everything...plsssssssssss help :((((


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ah! i have been trying different things for past 3-4 days but ******* nothing worked :(

pls pls pls i beg u pls help.

mine is winxp professional pc, with cable-net with lan card of zebronics, i have no router, i use zonealarm, my network is in trusted zone connections, even tried few solutions posted in here for similar problem,i even tried that allow incoming/outgoing tcp/udp check n even put the port 11722 in it which utorrent was using but still nothing happened :( m i doing anything wrong? pls advice

that yellow light just wont budge. event went to portforwards.com, but then i realised that i dont have a router :(

i have a 128kbps connection n my download speed is mere 20-30kbps :(

pls help, i m turning bald pulling my hairs out :(, what to do?


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