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Active / Inactive Issue


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Hey guys,

I recently noticed that when I'm uploading a torrent, it switches from Active to Inactive every 45 seconds to 1 minute or so. Once going "active", switching back to "Inactive", it goes "Active" again. I'm unable to diagnose whether this is a problem on my part or the downloaders behalf. (I am running Norton Internet Security, and have already configued the settings for uTorrent). However, it seems that since multiple torrents are having having the problem, the issue would be on my side. Any advice is extremely appreciated :)

Update: This was just forwarded to me "Hi Welcome

The torrent comes in like 40-70k/s for a few seconds, the drops to zero. Have you forwarded a PORT in your router? You can check the forums for detailed help, or go to portforward.com they have every router made listed there. Long as you are "clever or connectable" all should work ok. doh! I just checked, and you -are- listed as clever, so thats not the problem. lesses.... there was something written about torrents not finishing properly, but I am unsure where it is. In the forums somewhere I'm sure. I am up to 66.5% on your torrent, and it should have be done in less than an hour when everything is working properly. Are you on a flakey wireless connection maybe?

I'll let you know if it finishes, and what progress it made.

best of luck,



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