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Download paths in RSS must support Windows Global Variables


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Hi to all!

I have a question to uTorrent devs:

Why uTorrent still doesn't support Windows Global Variables at download paths in RSS downloader? For example, I'm downloading some releases by RSS, and i have folder (e.g. Z:\music\) and i want dynamically put them in this folder's subfolders by day. One time at day (e.g. at 00:01) starting bat script, which creates global varibles with values of today day and month (e.g. %day% and %month%), and then I insert them in RSS download path (e.g. Z:\music\%month%\%day%\). In result for today releases we must get path like this: Z:\music\07\30\... But in practice all files downloads to Z:\music\%month%\%day%\. Which means uTorrent (1.7.2) doesn't convert Global Variables to their values at RSS path. IMHO it's easy to implement and very useful feature...

Hope i see it in next version :)

Good luck!

And VERY-VERY-VERY BIG thanx for such wonderful program!

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