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utorrent 1.7.2 speed problems


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It seems as if a lot of people are getting this problem, but for me I think I might have a different case. First of all, I'm able to download the torrents and they do download. The problem is, they barely exceed about 7-8.0KB/s.

So you know, i followed the speed guide to make sure that was good. Checked. Looked up the download/upload sticky to ensure that was good. Checked. Even did a few things that others here have done aswell. And it still hasnt gone up. I'm thinking it's partially because of the fact that this is a new version and some of the things from the original have changed and some not in a good way.

I remember one of you guys saying something in another topic about the ISP for those with difficulties being 012. What does that mean and how could I change it?

Thank you.

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Encryption Settings for those of you that are being Throttled: Use Port 1720 or 1723 and use the Encryption Settings listed below.

uTorrent Encryption Setting:

1. Use ''Forced''

2. Do Not Use / Uncheck, ''Allow incoming legacy connections''.

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^Okay, I tried that and now I have a yellow ! icon. It used to be green but now it's yellow. And the speed went up to nearly 20kB/s. So I think something going right. But now the icon is yellow.

So how do I fix that?

Edit: my icon just went green.

Alright, I'll say something a bit more helpful. Before this I was being linked to another computer via wired connection. Now I have a wireless connection to said computer. It is a D-Link DWL-G122 Wireless G USB adapter. Is there some kind of setting that needs to be altered for this to work better?

Thank you

Edit2: I have no idea what could of happened, but it suddenly jumped to nearly 50! Could switching the encryption to forced have done something?

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