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Tunneling uTorrent?


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I run a server in my basement, on a good ISP, that lets people download torrents by using my line + uTorrent WebUI + FTP to retrieve, and that works for people that have ISPs like Rogers.

However, it's slow, as the file has to download locally, then retrieved off FTP for people. It can take over twice as long as it would natively, and I'm looking for a solution to this.

I was wondering if it's possible to have uTorrent run all traffic through a proxy, so that an ISP has no clue that BT traffic is being received. This would, as uTorrent would be writing directly to the users HDD, be exceedingly fast, and it would only be limited by my upload on my line.

Is it possible to do this? Can uTorrent do this, or any other client for that matter? What program would I use to tunnel the stuff?

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