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Speed Problem !!!!


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My problem isn't that i don't a good speed at downloading....

that's just it it's TO BIG !!!

i mean like 8-9 mb/s ... and on files larger than 700 mb.... my system will hang up ... and all i have to do is restart it form the restart button...

i tried to limit it in options/preferences/conection... limited it to 1500 kb/s and it won't work... i've even tried limiting the speed on a single file .. and still nothing..

i use µTorrent 1.7.2 on Windows vista (on xp it work fine)

My system is pentium M at 1.6 ghz and 1 gb of ram.

Please help me ... i want to download files larger then 700 mb !!!

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As an experiment, in Preferences > BitTorrent > Additional BitTorrent Features, check the box next to "Limit local peer bandwidth" and then click Apply.

If this helps, I think I have read similar reports involving Vista users where the uTorrent local peer detection fails for some reason or another. As a result of that failure, bandwidth limits are not respected for some or all peers. Checking the box tells uTorrent to limit all traffic, even traffic that uTorrent thinks belongs to a local peer.

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