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Click on the All category. You may have an empty category selected.

Nothing will show in the lower-half fields until an item in the top half is selected. However, if you cannot see any items in the top half, but you suspect they are there, then you probably are suffering from a video driver problem. These usually can be fixed with a reboot.

I hope those two ideas help.

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And yes searching helped first, prior to posting

Hah that's a rare occurrence that's almost worth celebrating nowadays :D

I guess the only reason we see so many people not searching around here is that everyone who searches and finds their solutions don't actually post. Annoying fact that we can't do anything about. Anyhow, thanks for being among the (hopefully) silent majority that do search :)

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:) Well.. Weird, eh?

I usually search.. and post if there was useful information that was an easy find. Most times I find that one may have to re-post something that may have been already stickied. (did that once.. with all of 7 posts to look at.. Duh..) Then there are some along the lines of bloatware, for some peoples replies. :)

I am NOT going to read that novel for a "1 plus 1 = ?" question. (answer = 10 ;) )

I think this is the first time that I noticed an answer to a question without a lot of mindless wandering.

(however.. not so on another subject.. 'file check' might be useful (with quotes :) ))

But their items weren't quite the same as mine.

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