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New issue with "Error: The system cannot find the file specified"


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I posted previously on this error, and thought it was resolved by clearing my browser cookies, temporary internet files, history, and forcing a 'Recheck' on the file I was downloading. Apparently I was mistaken since this error keeps recurring regardless. I think I am a little closer to figuring out why:

When I click on the tab "Pieces" I get a list of pieces that are currently being downloaded. The file might have 1000 pieces, and they are listed with a piece #, size, # of blocks, blocks completed, availability, etc.

I have discovered that when piece #0 (zero) has completed downloading all 32 blocks, the blocks completed will reset to zero, uTorrent will stop the download, and state "Error: The system cannot find the file specified" Sometimes the zeroth piece takes longer to download, and therefore more time will pass before it generates an error. But eventually - WHAM! Error.

Does this have a solution?

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