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about to download a 35GB torrent.. need some pointers


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I have been doing my research on how best to download big files. So far I have set utorrent to not pre-allocate, frio_first_last_piece set to true, and sparse files set to true.

I also changed the disk cache settings to use up to 100 megabytes (i think... read somewhere this value is interpreted as MiB, whatever those are.) I also unchecked reduce memory usage when the cache is not needed, and have all advanced disk cache settings checked except for increase while cache thrashing.

Basically what I'm going for is to keep the size on disk as close to the amount of data actually downloaded, and reduce constand HD use by letting it fill up a nice big cache before writing.

Could I get away with more cache? or any better settings? let me know.

I want to make sure this baby runs nice once she gets going

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