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1.7.2 using almost all bandwidth


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I'm using this new release on a 10Mbit line. Although stats read that I'm downloading 1MB and uploading 1MB, client is actually using all my bandwidth. I didn't have this problem in 1.7.1 beta. Ran tests on line while using and not using client and other clients in order to determine if something else went awry. I've gone through all settings disabling or enabling features which should have remedied problems. Is anyone else in the same position as myself? At home my line craps out and I'm constantly resetting modem & router. Please help. I've had nothing but postive results with utorrent until this upgrade.

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Your 10 Mbit line is both upload and download?

I did a lot of testing on the betas, and now I'm on 1.7.2. No problems here. One or two "typical" issues come to mind that would behave in the same way that you describe:

- Your upload speed line cannot handle the load, and your nearest gateway is delaying or dropping packets.

1. Run a reliable speed test and determine your actual upload speed in kb/s (example, 1255 kbps)

2. Drop the last digit to get the right upload limit to set in uTorrent in kB/s (example 125 kB/s)

- Your home router cannot handle the number of connections that are generated by uTorrent, especially if DHT is enabled.

1. Try disabling DHT

2. Try disabling the maximum number of simultaneous connections to less than 150

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