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Error: Invalid function


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I have some torrents for seeding and after severel time I get the "Error: Invalid function" message on random torrents.


Is there any secret option in utorrent which restart torrents on errors?

(Like in this case?!)

I have OS: Linux /Debian and wine 0.9.29 and I know that you says it should be a wine problem, but on 2 other box I have since 6 months 7/24 utorrent running without this...



PS: or should I request that option to restart torrents on error in for example every 2 minutes in the http://forum.utorrent.com/viewforum.php?id=2 / Feature request part from this forum???


I have installed wine-0.9.42 and utorrent 1.7.2 and I will test it today.

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