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0 downloaded, 0 uploaded ... even though download was complete.


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This is the only time this happened. I was downloading a file, and all seemed fine. The next day, when I checked, the file was downloaded successfully, but the utorrent details were wrong: it said stopped, 0 MB downloaded and 0 MB uploaded. It's like the details of the download disappeared; like a torrent file that hasn't started to download yet.

When I try to click it again, it starts to download like the file wasn't there.

I want to continue seeding the torrent.

Thanks for any help.



Oops, found the solution while googling; it didn't explain why the download and upload stats disappeared, but it showed how to re-seed the torrent, basically just moving the torrent and file back to the unfinished directories, then starting the torrent.

If there's a reason why the stats went 0, or a way to avoid this in the future, that would be cool too. Thanks.

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