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How to change default save folder? read it!


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Hi from far far Russia!

after long time of tryes we found solution!

its very simple

To make utorrent save files other locantion - u should run it from other drive

but if u have only 1 drive letter ? what should u do? read next...

type command:

subst z: c:\folder

without slash at end

this make u see Z drive on computer

after this run utorrent from this Z drive

try connect over Web interface and DL something

it will appear on drive Z - not system32 or c: as usual

hope this helps others

btw. to remove drive letter:

subst z: /d

here is simple Batch file for executing and starting utorent

subst z: c:\utorrent

u can make bat file for that and run it on Autostart

cu! bye!

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