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What does Max. number of user rules reached mean?


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Thanks to anyone who might read this message and try to help with my problem.Here goes:

I was until two days ago successfully able to forward ports and get decent download rates.Since this morning though , whenever I try to forward a port , my router gives the same error message:

"ERROR:Error found on page."When I checked to see what the status log indicated as the source of the problem , I saw the following lines :

Maximum Number (20) of User Rules Reached

set error: message= :Bad key 'settings/categoryU//description' in 'fdb':

set error: message= :Bad key 'settings/categoryU//protocolport1/protocol' in 'fdb':

Unfortunately , I couldn't understand a single word of the router's explanation.Does anyone know what might be causing the problem here?If so, please offer any possible insight you might have as to the cause of this dilemma.Below are my system vitals that might help someone more knowledgeable than I'm in the mattter :

Intel P3 833Mhz processor

Windows XP SP2 ops. system

Creative 8015U DSL router

U-torrent client version 1.7.2

Thanks again to anyone who might read this message.Hopefully someone can produce an answer here.

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